Since we launched our roastery in 2013, we have always aimed to focus on ethical and sustainable business practices. This means we take account of our social, economic and environmental impact.

Our latest development saw the launch of our new coffee packaging. We paired with Tricorbraun Flex, formerly Pacific Bag Inc to bring their Biotre® 2.0 material into Europe to use for our 250g and 1kg coffee bags.  

Biotrē™ 1.0 has been available since 2011 and has become well-established as an earth-friendly packaging option for a variety of applications.  Biotre® is a packaging material composed of multiple, laminated layers. The outer layers consist of cellulose from wood pulp. These materials make up 60% of the material by weight and have been shown to break down into healthy compost in 12 weeks when tested according to a test method called ASTM D6400. The interior layer in Biotre® 1.0 is made with an additive that makes it “oxo-degrade”. This additive has been shown to allow plastic to break into microscopic pieces under specific conditions over 5-10 years vs. the estimated 1,000 years needed for normal plastic. 

Biotre® 2.0 includes an interior layer that consists of 100% plant-based, renewable resources, i.e. sugar cane. This is a non-biodegradable layer made from renewable resources. 

  • Biotre® takes a comprehensive approach to being environmentally friendly. 
  • Waste Reduction – Biotre® can reduce the amount of packaging that ends up in waste disposal because 60% can break down naturally in a relatively short period of time. Their goal is to increase the amount that breaks down to 100%. 
  • Climate Change – The plant-based components that go into Biotre® (wood pulp & for Biotre® 2.0 sugar cane) absorb the greenhouse gas CO2 through natural plant respiration prior to being used to make our Biotre® packaging. 
  • Natural Resources – Biotre® preserves our natural resources by reducing the use of finite fossil fuel and mineral resources. While most barrier packaging is made from almost exclusively petroleum- based plastics or aluminum foil, Biotre® film layers consist of 60% to nearly 100% renewable plants depending on which version you use. 

The Evolution: Biotrē™ 3.0 is currently under development, and will be 100% compostable and 100% renewable, including the valve. We see this as the natural progression for our Roasted Coffee

If you have any further questions about our packaging and would like to find out more, then please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Coffee –