Capsule Duo Bundle

Nespresso® Compatible


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Our Capsule Duo Bundle includes 10 capsules of both our Rocky Mountain Single Origin and our signature Village Espresso Blend at a discounted price. A great way to try our full collection of Nespresso® compatible capsules.

Our capsules are made from aluminium, and therefore are fully-recyclable! Just remove the lid, empty the coffee into your food waste, swill it out with water removing any leftover grounds, and then the lid & capsule can go straight into your household recycling.


10x Rocky Mountain Capsules
10x Village Espresso Capsules

Rocky Mountain:

Our Rocky Mountain, from Panama, now delivered as an Aluminium Nespresso Compatible Capsule. A stunningly bright and flavourful coffee that produces a fruitful espresso.

Rocosa Montana translates directly as the Rocky Mountain and is located in Santa Clara, Panama. Processed exclusively by Allan Hartmann, we have bought directly from this farm for the last 3 years and have developed a very exciting relationship.
This year we decided to experiment with fermentations that are usually used exclusively for Geisha’s in Panama. Fascinated by the effects that controlled fermentation has on flavour we asked Allan to anaerobically ferment this Caturra with natural yeasts apparent in the air. After 18 days of stable fermentation the cherries are then pulped and dried on raised African beds for a further 8 days. We have been blown away by the complexity found in this coffee.

Village Espresso:

Village Espresso is our original house espresso blend that delivers taste in abundance, Now in an Aluminium Nespresso Compatible Capsule. A traditional and balanced blend, combining sweet notes of milk chocolate, caramel and hazelnut.