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House Espresso Collection

4x 150g Bags (Wholebean)



Our House Espresso Collection includes 150g (Wholebean) of each of our 4 signature house espressos; Village, Suspension, E1 Project & EQ Seasonal.

This bundle is a great way to try our full house espresso collection. Also a great gift for a home barista!


1x 150g (Wholebean) Village Espresso
1x 150g (Wholebean) Suspension Espresso
1x 150g (Wholebean)  E1 Project Espresso
1x 150g (Wholebean) EQ Seasonal Espresso

Village Espresso
Tasting Notes: M
ilk Chocolate / Hazelnut / Caramel
Village Espresso, our original house espresso blend that delivers taste in abundance. A traditional and balanced blend, combining sweet notes of milk chocolate, caramel and hazelnut. Village Espresso shines especially well in cappuccinos and lattes.

Suspension Espresso
Tasting Notes: Flapjack / Assam / Sultana
Dedicated to Bristol’s iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge, our Suspension Espresso is a full-bodied single origin that delivers a well-balanced, rich and sweet espresso. Sourced from Fazenda Pinhal, a 914-hectare farm in Sul De Minas, Brazil. The farm, which is now fronted by Pedro Gabarra (a sixth-generation farmer) and his sister Mariana, has been shaped by their shared passion for coffee and the environment. In 2019 the Gabarra estate won an award for “most sustainable farm” in Brazil, and the pair have continued to push the boundaries of their already outstanding sustainability credentials ever since.

E1 Project Espresso
Tasting Notes: Plum / Gingerbread / Dark Chocolate

The E1 Project was our first direct trade program, which launched back in 2015.The aim was simple; find a partner that we could build a long-lasting relationship with and, who could deliver high volumes of consistently great coffee to form as a core component to our roastery. For this, we turned to Ricardo Lima, part of a family of passionate farmers and producers from El Salvador. E1 became the foundation of our sourcing program, and now we’re proud to say that 95% of our coffee volume is being bought directly from origin through our own relationships. 7 years on, E1 remains one of our most popular coffees, and it stands as a firm reminder of the development we’ve made towards sourcing and how rewarding the effects a truly transparent supply chain can have for everyone involved.

EQ Seasonal Espresso
Tasting Notes: Morello Cherry / Creme Brulee / Molasses
EQ is our signature seasonal espresso blend. It brings together a combination of carefully selected coffees that deliver a vibrant, easy-drinking, fruitful and complex espresso. Our current iteration of EQ brings together three coffees from three amazing origins, and delivers notes of morello cherry, creme brulee & molasses.