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EQ V12

Seasonal Espresso Blend

Tasting notes

Toffee Apple / White Grapefruit / Molasses









Brew Recipe

Dose: 18g in Yield : 38g out Time: 28-30 seconds


Washed & Natural


EQ Seasonal Espresso Blend v.12 – A full bodied and sweet winter warmer.
Taken from the idea of an audio equaliser on an old-fashioned amplifier – the key to this blend is balance.

The balance of Sweetness, body and acidity.
In this version, you can expect to find a full bodied espresso with bright acidity and a vibrant sweet finish.

60% Guatemala EL ZORRO (Washed) 

El Zorro is a coffee brand composed by a group of small scale producers in the department of Chiquimula. Hand picked, fully washed and dried under the shade of banana & pine trees, this coffee brings sweet toffee apple to the 12th instalment of our EQ seasonal blend.

25% Ethiopia KAYON MOUNTAIN (Natural) 

Situated in Southern Ethiopia, in the Guji Zone, Kayon Mountain is privately owned by Ato Esmael and his family. Organic processes are used on the farm with animal dung being there main source of fertiliser. The coffee cherries are hard picked & placed onto raised beds where they are dried for up to 20 days. These heirloom beans contribute the sweetness and subtle floral aromas.

15% Tanzania ILOMBA FACTORY (Washed)  

Ilomba Factory is a washing station made up of 24 small holding producers, located in the Mbozi district, on the steep sloping hills of Mbeya. The Cherries are also hand picked later in the season due to the high altitude. The slow maturation helps develop a bright white grapefruit acidity which is greatly amplified in the cup.