Christmas Coffee

El Salvador – Café Tuxpal

Tasting notes

Orange Liqueur / Damson / Pecan Pie

Christmas Coffee

El Salvador – Café Tuxpal

Tasting notes

Orange Liqueur / Damson / Pecan Pie


Café Tuxpal


Federico Pacas Lopez


1000 - 1650 masl




Red Bourbon



This year we are partnering with Farmers Voice Radio. We are donating 50p per every kg sold to help fund this amazing cause that has a real impact in coffee producing countries.

Farmers’ Voice Radio enables farming communities to access and share the knowledge they need to succeed. Radio is the most accessible media in developing countries and has a wide reach.

The conversation continues off-air, building stronger connections between producers and consumers. Growing sustainable rural communities to improve practices.

This year’s Christmas coffee hails from the coveted Cafe Tuxpal in El Salvador. We believe coffee from this country have exceptional festive flavour profiles. We love the attention to detail that Federico has with his Natural and Honey processed coffees. The natural coffees are very well balanced, sweet and complex. They represent a long family tradition of quality coffee production and expertise.

The history of Café Tuxpal traces back to 1905 in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec Mountain range – Finca San Rafael. An active volcano in the west of the country, Ilamatepec not only provides a rich and fertile soil, but also a microclimate with dry winters and warm summers in a country dominated by tropical weather. José planted coffee trees from the Bourbon varietal, and a few generations later, coffee still runs in the family blood.

Federico Pacas, now the owner of Café Tuxpal, is the great-grandchild of Fernando Alberto Pacas. Over the years, the different farms and lands have been divided across the family branches. We have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Federico multiple times over the years of us sourcing coffee from El Salvador. Café Tuxpal is involved in the entire coffee supply chain: farming, processing, exporting, roasting and their own coffee shops in El Salvador.