Bestmin Premium M





For hot and cold drinks

Special filter protects against corrosion and residues

Simple single-use system

Vertical or horizontal installation

Special BWT water+more filter for optimum water mineral content

Innovative activated carbon fleece for full taste enjoyment


Filtration system for mineralising water with a low mineral content

Stable pH value in the filtered water prevents corrosion

Reduces the level of ‘off-flavour‘ elements and chlorine

Perfect for brewed coffee and speciality coffees


BWT bestmin filter cartridges optimise water with a low mineral content for use in the food service sector. This often applies to water in holiday locations, for example from lakes and reservoirs and the water produced by reverse osmosis in seawater treatment plants. BWT bestmin is the perfect solution for restoring this deficiency. The balanced combination of natural minerals in the BWT bestmin filter adds the correct level of minerals to the water used in the food service sector, achieving an optimum brewing and full-taste experience for hot and cold drinks. BWT bestmin gives stale-tasting water a superb sensory quality that brings out the full flavour of hot drinks.

The Bestmin Cartridge is designed for soft water areas. It’s is a Magnesium re-mineralising cartridge which makes the water more suitable to brewing coffee and tea. Magnesium maximises the taste of the coffee or tea and not lead to any scale build up in your coffee machine which other minerals can cause.

The capacity of this cartridge is 10,000 L. In Hard water areas you should be using the Bestmax Premium range of water filter cartridges.

*BWT filter head not included