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Oolong (250g Loose)

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Origin: Vietnam
Notes: Fruity / Caramel / Lingering

Brew Guide:
Dose: 3g
Water Temp: 70°C
Time: 2-3mins

Our rich and fragrant Oolong was harvested from Điện Biên Phủ, a northwestern region of Vietnam. When introduced to water, Oolong’s tightly woven leaves unravel to reveal a deep, caramelised flavour that joyfully lingers in the mouth.

Brew Guide & Serving Suggestions:

For best results we recommend adding 3g of this tea to 250ml of water, that’s 70°C. We would then suggest leaving your tea to infuse for 2-3 minutes. If you’re looking to serve larger amounts, increase your recipe to fit your teapot or serving size. We advise 1-2g of tea per 100ml water.

Oolong can be enjoyed on its own, cold or over ice to make a delicious summer drink. If brewing over ice, adjust your recipe to allow for dilution.