Daterra | Coffee Sourcing - Clifton Coffee Roasters


Daterra was born out of the vision of one man to create excellence. Excellence in environmental and economic sustainability and above all else, excellence in quality. This vision has become a reality, and in 2016, this 6800-hectare estate was named the most sustainable farm in Brazil (and not just in the coffee sector either).

We are proud to be involved in an exciting partnership with Daterra. With our friends at Finca Santa Rita in Nicaragua we are performing an international study on coffee fermentation and the effect of terroir on flavour. The same variety (Yellow Catuaí), grown at the same altitude, with the same environmental conditions, is being fermented in the same way so that we can asses the results between the origins in the end cup. 

This is a 5-6 year research project that begins now, and we are happy to say that each year we will be bringing the lot back to the roastery to share with our customers.

Without you this project would not be possible, so thank you! We can’t wait to share the results with you.