AeroPress - Clifton Coffee Roasters


Coffee Brewer



Whats in the Box

1 x Aeropress

1 x 350 Filter Papers

1 x Stirrer

1 x Funnel

1 x Scoop


AeroPress, Inc. is the manufacturer of the AeroPress coffee maker, an innovative coffee press beloved by a multitude of global fans. The company is owned by founder, inventor, and Stanford University engineering instructor Alan Adler.

In 1984 Alan founded Superflight, Inc. to manufacture and sell his new invention, the record-breaking Aerobie flying ring. Then following the introduction of the wildly popular AeroPress coffee maker and with the growing fame of the Aerobie sport toy brand, he decided in 2005 to change the company name from Superflight to Aerobie, Inc.

For over a decade Aerobie, Inc. was known both for brewing delicious coffee and astonishing sport toy performance – an unusual pairing that drew a great deal of attention from every type of major media around the world.

Then in 2017 Alan sold the assets of the Aerobie sport toy brand to SwimWays, a subsidiary of Spin Master Ltd., and renamed the company AeroPress, Inc. to reflect its new focus on our coffee press. The delicious flavour of AeroPress brewed coffee is currently enjoyed in over 60 countries and with our new specialisation in housewares, we hope to share it with 60 more.