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At Clifton Coffee Roasters we pride ourselves on being able to support our customers through a combination of great coffee, training and education. Our dedicated training facilities have met all the requirements of the SCA Premier Training Campus program. This program highlights facilities that offer a unique educational setting for coffee education. Achieving SCA Campus accreditation is a prestigious designation that requires demonstrating compliance with standards for education excellence. 

See below for our COVID-19 Training policy.


Barista Support and Brewing Support courses are only available to Clifton Coffee Wholesale customers.

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The below courses are available to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge and skill:

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Our Campus Trainers

Joe Sheppard

Head of Training & Education
Authorised SCA Trainer


As of January 2017, the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), established in 1982, and the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), established in 1998, have officially become one unified organisation the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is a membership-based association built on foundations of openness, inclusivity, and the power of shared knowledge. From coffee farmers to baristas and roasters, our membership spans the globe, encompassing every element of the coffee value chain. SCA acts as a unifying force within the specialty coffee industry and works to make coffee better by raising standards worldwide through a collaborative and progressive approach. Dedicated to building an industry that is fair, sustainable, and nurturing for all, SCA draws on years of insights and inspiration from the specialty coffee community.


Due to COVID-19 regulations, the number of trainees that can attend each session are limited and vary depending on the course. Please see each course description for specific details.

Upon arrival, temperatures will be checked, hands sanitised and NHS QR codes scanned. Face masks will be mandatory in certain parts of the course, unless you would feel more comfortable to be equipped for the duration of the course. Tests are available if you’d feel comfortable to take one, but please arrive 20mins prior to the session for this.


If you want to make a head start before your course, or refresh your knowledge after, take a look at our online Training Videos Here.