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How do the subscriptions work?

Every Wednesday our roasting team will choose and roast a delicious speciality coffee from the roastery. Your coffee will ship on Royal Mail 48 Tracked ready for the weekend. You choose how much coffee and how often and leave the rest to us to take you on a journey to explore speciality coffee.

How do I cancel?

In your account you can easily amend and cancel your subscriptions at any time.

When will you charge me?

Your re-occurring payment will start on the day you place the order and that will be your on-going payment day based on you order frequency. Regardless of your payment day subscription coffees are roasted and shipped on a Wednesday.

Why is the shipping separate?

Unlike other coffee roasters we don’t inflate the price of the coffee to include shipping. Our flat rate shipping charge is per delivery and helps cover the cost of Royal Mail 48 Tracked postage, the more you order the better value.

What are the Pods compatible with?

Our pods are the standard Nespresso style pods and are compatible with all machines that accept the Nespresso pod.

What’s the difference between Filter and Espresso?

We increase the roast development for espresso coffee, it reduce the acidity and increase the sweetness, it’s just one of the small things we do to make sure the coffee tastes as good as it can.

Why is Espresso roast only available as wholebean?

Espresso grind size varies depending on the equipment, barista, age of the coffee and even the weather conditions. To enjoy espresso a grinder is essential, pre-ground espresso would simply not be a fair reflection of the quality or taste of the coffee.


What’s the difference between Filter and Cafetiere?

A filter grind is similar to granulated sugar, it will extract quicker and is suitable for percolation methods where the water is running through the coffee. Cafetiere grind is courser, like cracked black pepper, the coffee typically takes longer to brew and is suitable for brew methods where the water and coffee are kept together to infuse rather than percolate.

How long does ground coffee stay fresh?

Coffee is always going stale, the speed simply increases when the coffee is ground, every day that goes by the coffee won’t be as vibrant as the day before. Typically you would want to be using the coffee within a week or 2 of being ground. To extend the freshness keep the coffee sealed and at room temperature.

Is it worth buying a grinder?

Investing in a grinder is possibly one of the biggest steps you can make to improve coffee quality. Minimising the time between grinding and brewing will ensure far less of the beautiful aroma escaping your cup and being able to fine tune your grind size to your brewing method will maximise the taste. Grinding your coffee is all part of the craft and experience in brewing speciality coffee.


How many coffees does a 250g bag make?

For filter coffee we recommend 60g coffee per litre of water so you are going to get around 16 250ml cups of brewed coffee. For espresso you would use 16-18g per double shot, each bag will make around 15 double espressos.

How long do beans stay fresh for?

We recommend using your coffee within 1 month of roasting or 2 weeks after opening the bag. It doesn’t fall off a cliff after this time but it does gradually start losing its vibrancy.

Can I adjust the frequency?

In your account you can amend all you subscription preferences, any adjustments will take affect after the next re-occurring subscription billing date.

When will my coffee be roasted and shipped?

The cut off is 11am on Wednesday to be added to that week’s subscription schedule. Orders after this time will be scheduled for the following Thursdays roast schedule even though you will be charged on the day you place your subscription order.