Werka Wuri

Tasting notes

Jasmine / Mandarin / Darjeeling


Werka Wuri

Tasting notes

Jasmine / Mandarin / Darjeeling

Washing Station

Werka Wuri Washing Station


750 Local Smallholders


Gedeb, Gedeo Zone


2200 masl







We are pleased to welcome back a firm favourite amongst staff and customers alike.

Ethiopia is considered to be the birthplace of the coffee plant and coffee culture. Today, over 16 million people in Ethiopia are involved in the cultivation and picking of coffee, which remains a key contributor to the countries economy, as well as being a key part of their culture.

Located in the Southern Nations of Ethiopia, Werka Wuri is a BNT owned washing station that processes cherries from over 750 smallholder farmers surrounding the village of Werka Sakaro, a few kilometres east of Gedeb town. The elevation of the farms is between 1,950 and 2,150m above sea level, and when combined with the cool climate of the area they create perfect growing conditions for coffee where the cherries develop and ripen slowly, leading to denser, sweeter beans and more complex flavour profiles.

BNT are one of the most prestigious Ethiopian exporters and are well recognised for their pre and post harvest premiums, which stand well above the local market rate, driving quality in their offering.
We have previously worked with BNT and the Ethiopian government to add 5 classrooms to the school at Werka Sakaro, providing secondary school education to over 1000 Children.

We love this coffee on filter as an easy drinking every day brew but it also provides delicious depth when served as espresso.