Decaf Brew

Clifton Tea Co




Origin: Kenya / Rwanda / India
Notes: Smooth / Rich / Malt

Brew Guide:
Dose: 3g
Water Temp: 100°C
Time: 4mins

If the feeling of caffeine is hitting just a little too hard (and trust us, we know all about that), then our delicious decaf brew has the answer. This quality blend of organic African and Indian teas delivers incredible flavours that remain intact thanks to a carefully controlled CO2 decaffeination process. The tea enters a chamber where CO2 is slowly introduced and increased in pressure and temperature. This causes a chemical change in the tea’s caffeine molecules that split from the tea and then attach themselves to the CO2. The CO2 is then removed from the tank, leaving the decaffeinated tea behind. This process is often the favourite among tea drinkers, as it retains the flavour and is free from chemicals making it the healthier option.

Brew Guide & Serving Suggestions:

For best results we recommend adding 3g of this tea to 250ml of water, that’s 100°C. We would then suggest leaving your tea to infuse for 4 minutes. If you’re looking to serve larger amounts, increase your recipe to fit your teapot or serving size. We advise 1-2g of tea per 100ml water.

Our Decaf Brew can be enjoyed black, or with a splash of milk.

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