Hibiscus & Berry

Clifton Tea Co




Origin: Europe
Notes: Tart / Juicy / Sweet

Brew Guide:
Dose: 4g
Water Temp: 100°C
Time: 4mins

Our mouth-watering Hibiscus & Berry tea blends a combination of European grown hibiscus, grapes, elderberries, blackcurrants and blueberries. This mind-boggling fruity tea is a rollercoaster for the senses. Its punchy aromatics will whet your appetite while its juicy palette of flavours will have you yearning for more. This tea is also naturally free from caffeine.

Brew Guide & Serving Suggestions:

For best results we recommend adding 4g of this tea to 250ml of water, that’s 100°C. We would then suggest leaving your tea to infuse for 4 minutes. If you’re looking to serve larger amounts, increase your recipe to fit your teapot or serving size. We advise 1-2g of tea per 100ml water.

Our Hibiscus & Berry can be enjoyed on its own or brewed over ice and topped with lemonade and a handful of blueberries and raspberries to make for a refreshing summer drink. When brewing over ice, adjust your recipe to allow for dilution.

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