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Coffee Subscriptions



We believe in transparent and ethical sourcing. 95% of our volume is bought directly from origin through our own relationships.
We aim to roast and dispatch within one working day of your order (Monday - Friday).
Order before 10am, Monday - Friday for same-day dispatch. Subscriptions started after 10 am will always be prepared the following working day.
You can easily view, amend, pause or cancel your subscription at any time.


How does it work?

Once you’ve set up an account, we’ll guide you through some simple subscription preferences so that you can create your perfect coffee subscription. When completed you’ll be taken to the checkout where your first order will be processed and your subscription will begin. Your order will be shipped using a Next-Day Tracked service, and we aim to roast your coffee on the day of dispatch. Your order and delivery confirmation will be sent to your email and, you’ll be notified when your coffee is on its way to you, easy peasy!

When will I be charged?

We’ll charge you when each of your reoccurring orders are processed, For example, if you’ve created a subscription that re-orders every 7 days, you’ll be billed every 7 days.

What are your capsules compatible with?

Our capsules and are compatible with all machines that accept Original Nespresso® Capsules.

How long does ground coffee stay fresh?

Like any natural product, coffee will begin to degrade over time. On the label of each of our coffee bags, you’ll see a roast date. We recommend opening and using your coffee within 4-6 weeks of the roast date. To get the best flavour from your coffee, once opened, we recommend using within a week. To extend the freshness of your coffee, keep it sealed and in a cool dry place.

How many coffees does a 250g bag make?

For filter coffee we recommend a brew ratio of 60g of coffee per litre of water (1:16), based on that, you’ll get around 16 x 250ml cups of brewed coffee. For espresso you would use 16-18g per double shot, each bag will make around 15x double espressos.

What’s the difference in filter grind size options?

We have three grind options available. Wholebean: coffee that’s not been ground, so perfect if you’re going to be grinding the coffee yourself. Filter grind: perfect for V60, Chemex and AeroPress brewing methods and Cafetière grind: great for full immersion brewing i.e Cafetière/ French Press and Clever Dripper.

Is your coffee Fairtrade?

Our coffee isn't Fairtrade certified, but that’s okay! Instead we work directly with 95% of our farmers allowing us to average 151% higher than the price of Fairtrade.

Is your coffee ethically sourced?

We believe in transparent and ethical sourcing. 95% of our volume is bought directly from origin through our own relationships, with our sourcing team travelling the world creating and maintaining partnerships and ensuring our buying program delivers across the three pillars of economic, environmental and socially sustainable trade. We work closely with Co-operatives, private exporters, NGO’s and Indigenous Rights Groups to ensure that the coffees we sell are ethical, free from exploitation, and truly traceable.

Can I have two different types of coffee in the same subscription?

Currently we are unable to process multiple types of coffees in one subscription. However, you can set up two different subscriptions, and so long as they’re set up on the same day and have the same delivery frequency, we’ll automatically refund one of your delivery charges each time your subscriptions renew.

I don’t see my question listed here?

Fear not, we’re on hand Mon - Friday (8am - 5pm) to answer any questions you might have. You can call us on +44 (0) 1179 820 252 or email

When will my coffee be dispatched?

All orders are dispatched within one working day (Monday - Friday). We’ll send you an email to let you know when your order is being processed and is on its way to you, so keep your eyes peeled!

What's the difference between filter and espresso roast?

Coffee roasted for espresso is typically roasted for longer than for filter. By increasing the roast time of a coffee, it reduces acidity and increases sweetness, making it perfect for espresso-based beverages. By roasting coffee less, it brings out more distinct flavours and characteristics, which is great for filter brewing.

Why is espresso roast only available as wholebean?

To enjoy coffee for espresso, a grinder is essential. Espresso grind size can vary depending on the thermal stability and pressure of equipment, age of the coffee and can even be affected by weather conditions. Therefore, pre-ground espresso would simply not be a good reflection of the quality or taste of the coffee.

Is it worth buying a grinder?

Investing in a grinder is possibly one of the biggest steps you can make to improve coffee quality. Minimising the time between grinding and brewing will ensure far less of the beautiful aroma escaping your cup and being able to fine-tune your grind size to your brewing method will maximise the taste. Grinding your coffee is all part of the craft and experience in brewing speciality coffee.

How regularly will my coffee change?

The variety of coffees you receive will vary depending on the type of coffee you’ve selected. Each week our roasting team choose a different single-origin coffee, meaning we will send out 52 completely different single-origin coffees each year for both filter and espresso. Our Decaf stays the same all year round, our House filter changes quarterly, and each week we rotate 4 of our signature house espresso coffees; EQ, E1, Suspension and Village.

If I order 2x 250g bags do I get two different coffees?

Due to our sourcing capacity, we’re unable to offer two different coffees in the same package. However, each week we select a different single-origin coffee to send out to our subscribers, meaning we send out 52 different coffees a year! This makes our single-origin the best option for regular variety.

How can I amend, pause or cancel my subscription?

To amend, pause, or cancel your subscription, simply log into your Clifton Coffee account, jump into your subscription preferences, and you'll see a list of available options under the 'Actions' tab.

I’ve just updated my delivery frequency, when this start from?

Your new delivery frequency will begin once your current cycle has finished. For example, if you are 10 days into a 30 day subscription cycle, you’ll need to wait until the remaining 20 days are up, before your new frequency begins.

I've paused my subscription and want to re-activate it, when will it start again from?

Pausing and reactivating your subscription is super easy to do, simply jump into your subscription account preferences, and you'll see the options appear under the 'Actions' tab.

If you're returning after placing a subscription on pause, your first subscription order will be processed after 1 cycle has completed. For example, if you had a delivery frequency of 7 days and reactivated on a Monday, your first returning order will be processed and dispatched the following Monday.

Why don't I get postcards with each coffee on my Single Origin Subscription?

With our single origin subscription we send out a completely different coffee every week, meaning you’ll never have the same coffee twice! Because of the scale, turnaround and logistics this demands we’re unfortunately not currently able to meet the minimum run or turnaround for printing postcards for each coffee. You may get the odd one or two postcards throughout the month if the coffee we send out also features on our public offer list and is, therefore, more permanent, but a lot of the coffees on the single origin subscription are exclusive to our subscribers.

We are however exploring other ways in which we can bring Subscribers more info on the coffees they’re drinking, so stay tuned!