As a business that yields natural product, it’s especially important that we work to reduce our footprint and impact on the planet as much as possible. From our coffee sourcing practices at the start of the chain, all the way down to the power we consume here at our HQ in Bristol.

Our HQ is a busy place, not only is it home to our roastery but also our training campus and offices, which means that we consume a lot of energy.

To help us offset some of this consumption, we’ve welcomed an array of 108 solar panels (36KW).

When the sun is shining, which admittedly here in Bristol is not as often as we’d like, we’re now self-sustainable. When the sun is feeling less generous, the energy that we use from the grid is from 100% renewable sources.

This system will help us offset several hundred kg’s of CO2 emissions every week. We expect over the life of this system to have a cumulative carbon saving of over 176,000kg, which is the equivalent of planting over 7,900 trees.

This is the first of many steps forward in our company’s journey to carbon neutrality.