Pour over


Modbar’s Pour-Over Module brings precision-temperature water to the counter – no more pitchers losing valuable temperature between the back wall and the pour-over solution. Pour directly into your Chemex, Hario or other pour-over system…you define the temperature. Modbar even provides a holder for many Chemex and Hario systems as well as optional spray or stream nozzle tips. Plus, you can teach Modbar software to replicate your pouring technique.


Modbar wanted to make brewing pour-over coffee easier and better by bringing the water solution to the bar and removing temperature loss when water is transferred. The Modbar Pour-Over includes optional additional wand holders (used to brew multiple carafes without moving them) and cone holders. We can support custom requests at times as well. With the Pour-Over Module, you’ll have more time to educate and entertain.

Modbar’s software enables the user to “teach” the Pour-Over module how to pour, wait, pour in the exact time intervals and water volumes you like to saturate grounds and brew coffee. And the barista or manager controls brew temperature and volume too.

Thanks to the modular nature of Modbar products, you can create a pour-over station made up of multiple systems (tap + module) or simply include the Pour-Over in a work station (ie, next to Espresso and Steam). How much by-the-cup business do you do? How much more could you do if it were more appealing?


  • Learns & stores up to 10 complex volume & time based brewing cycles.
  • Line pressure dispensing with flow control
  • Store and share brewing profiles with other modules.
  • 3.2” touch screen full colour display with navigation joystick.
  • USB port for firmware updates via flash disk
  • Dual boiler technology with active thermoblock brew head
  • 2-zone PID temperature control.
  • Proprietary state of the art circuitry and software
  • Real time pressure and temperature read out
  • 316 L stainless steel boiler construction, electropolished finished.

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Power 3 kW
Protection rating 15A
Boiler capacity 1.2 litres
Weight 20 kg
Dimensions Available on request